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Aragorn makes it possible for your People Ops and IT teams to streamline employee data integration from any source point to any vendor or application system— whether through API, EDI, Webhook, or file feeds.
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Build or Buy: The Aragorn Advantage

Aragorn isn’t just any platform; it’s a no-code promise of efficiency, security, and unparalleled excellence that allows you to transform your HR operations, one integration at a time

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Build or Buy: The cost and limitations of consulting firms

The tempting proposition of consulting firms: Is it truly the best route for your organizational needs when it comes to HR data integrations

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Build or Buy: The HR & IT Integration Dilemma

Tackling the HR tech maze: Should you build or buy HR integrations? Dive in for clarity on navigating the $34 billion market

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Connect from multiple sources

Harness the power of a unified data hub to seamlessly merge any employee data like demographics, payroll, deductions, and more with comprehensive data control and enrichment.


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Our cloud marketplace is your one-stop solution for connecting employee data between systems like Workday, UKG, and your ATS, benefits providers, retirement services, employee engagement tools, compliance systems, and IT applications.

Benefit from AI-driven insights, predictive data mappings, and error handling that secures and puts your integrations on autopilot.


Deploy in an instant

With just one click, you can deploy your integration effortlessly. Our user-friendly dashboard provides real-time insights into your integration's status and health whenever you need it.

Worried about data security and compliance? You can easily track where your employee data is going, ensuring data compliance and creating a clear audit trail.

Where companies optimize their HR/IT integration process

Mission North
Aragorn streamlined their integrations to UHC, Google, Azure AD, Slack, Zoom, Traliant, Brivo, Uber, and eliminated their 3rd-party consulting costs for one-off integrations.
People Ops and Systems Admin team
$60K and 700+ hrs  in ROI annually
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Aragorn streamlined their integrations to Anthem, Guardian, Qualtrics, OneMedical, Carrot Fertility, and eliminated 3rd-party consulting costs.
People Ops and BizTech team
$200K and 1,800+ hrs in ROI annually
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Sync unlimited data fields from your data sources

There are no limits to the number of employee data fields synced to vendors and applications. Bring in all your custom fields and extend your source data with calculated fields.

Build complex integrations in less than 3 weeks

With our pre-built connectors, you'll know your vendor's data needs right away. Connect your data, and it's automatically matched to the vendor's requirements. This makes setup, testing, and running your integration a breeze.

Get real time data syncs across all your integrations

When an employee's information changes, it's instantly reflected in your vendors and applications. This ensures all your systems are in sync at all times and prevents any conflicting or outdated data downstream.

What our trusted partners say!

This has taken a lot of work off my plate. I don't have to closely monitor integrations or manually perform employee provisioning for system access or removal. This has helped me focus on more pressing matters.
Claudia S.
Plug and Play Tech Center
We have created a standardized integration for our clients HR data into our product and it's going well so far.
Bill T.
It's impressive how your engineering team ships new features and solutions that aligns with what we are looking for. Very nice to have one dashboard that shows all integrations and a field to toggle and see all vendors receiving any employee data.
Jeff K.
Keurig Dr. Pepper

Employee data cleaned, integrated, done.

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