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No-code platform to automate employee data to apps and vendor systems

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Simplify on-boarding and off-boarding provisioning to internal applications and manage integration workflows with any system.

Connect your employee data sources together in a powerfully simple way.

Streamline your business operations from end to end by leveraging Aragorn to manage employee data integrations.

Use Aragorn to sync and consolidate employee data fom your clients’ HRIS through API or SFTP, and configure the data to be compatible with your product’s data specifications.

An uncompromising platform to orchestrate data integrations. Sacrifice neither speed nor security.

Smart data cleaning
Integration performance tracking
AI-driven validations
Compliance tooling
No coding required
Multifactor authentication
SOC2 Compliance

Imagine if HRIS data gets synched in a matter of minutes, not days or months.*

*based on the average time spent completing an integration at mid-large size enterprise companies.

Single integration

Integrate all your vendor HRIS data together under a complete enterprise grade security.

Exceptional lead times

Power your team with an optimized integration cycle that takes days to run instead of 3-5 months.

Data cleansing built in

No more archaic error-prone integration projects. Aragorn works in the background to resolve data incompatibilities.

Data monitoring

Monitor the success of each integration you launch. Stay on top of what data is being sent to which vendor.

Whole system data

We're more than an automation platform. Govern your whole system with your employees’ complete data profiles.


Extract specific types of data for your vendors in accordance with security permissions and requirements.

No coding required

Take your integration from zero to deployed without needing an engineer to write code.

Enterprise-grade security

With SOC2 compliance, advanced authentication, and user level permissions, we store your data securely.

Choose from hundreds of vendors and sync employee records seamlessly, no matter where they originate from

50+ HRIS services
100+ vendor services
Aragorn illustration for unified api integration of enterprise HR systems

Keep HR data in sync 24/7, provision new employees dynamically, and access real-time data to make key business decisions.

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