SAAS providers can integrate data with clients seamlessly

Whether you’re an insurance brokers & carrier, corporate & social responsibility firm, talent management firm, or financial management & advisory firm, Aragorn offers powerful capabilities to consolidate data.

You will be able to use Aragorn to sync and consolidate employee data fom your clients’ HRIS through API or SFTP, then configure that data to be compatible with your product’s data specifications.

Use cases and examples
  • Sync and consolidate static and dynamic data from their clients’ HRIS through API and SFTP.
  • Leverage robust data configuration modules (predictive mapping, data-level security and permissions, calculated fields, and custom fields) to manage client data.
  • Reach a wide range of prospects already using Aragorn through Aragorn’s cloud marketplace.
  • Leverage meaningful integration KPIs at a glance through an insightful dashboard with real-time metrics on your integration status and reporting.
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